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STEP 1.A - Sign Up As An Affiliate To Get Paid

STEP 1.B - Input Your Zaxaa ID Into The Box & Hit Save

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  1. Click the "Get Affiliate ID" button in STEP 1.a.  This will take you to register for a free Zaxaa account.  If you already have a Zaxaa account, login to request approval.
  2. Once you have signed up, come back here and enter your Zaxaa ID into STEP 1.b. and hit the save icon.
  3. In the "VERIFY YOUR LINKS" toggle, you'll notice that once you save your Zaxaa ID, your "Affiliate URL" becomes live and clickable!  It should redirect you to the home page.If it does not: you are either not approved yet, or you have entered an incorrect Zaxaa ID.
    If it does: you are good to go!BUT DO NOT USE THIS LINK.
  4. Once this is done, go to Step 2 below.

STEP 2 - Use This Link to Refer People To

Above is your unique referral link!

Give it to anyone who wants more info about SEO or Rank & Rent in general, as it's an excellent free resource to start learning about these methods.

It's your gift to them ;)

Your link will lead people to our landing page (currently converting at a whopping 81%) where they can sign up for a free account, participate in our community, and learn quite a bit about SEO and Rank & Rent.

They'll also have the option to become Full Club Members and if they do, you will earn a very nice commission!

Your unique referral link insures that when anyone signs up for the free trial, they will be your referral and will see your affiliate links in their dashboard.

You can post your link on social media such as Facebook & Twitter, send it in emails, or even use it in paid advertising.

What Is The Tracking ID For?

Adding an optional TRACKING-ID to your unique referral link will allow you to track the hits, sign ups and conversions of that specific link.

This will allow you test the hits & conversions of any link.


  • Create a TRACKING-ID for Facebook Posts on a specific date fbpost-feb7
  • Create a TRACKING-ID for Email on a specific date: email-jan4
  • Create a TRACKING-ID for Youtube Video ID: yt-f25BGnAux8Y

Check Your Stats Below

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STEP 3 - See What Members You Referred "INTO" The Club!

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Don't you just love stats?

The table below will show you how many people you have referred to, what their status is, what Tracking ID you used (if any), and when they registered.