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What Do I Get With My Free Trial?

You can see everything that's included above in the What's Included section of this page.

With this level of membership, you get access to the training area, with a bunch more training videos unlocked for you to continue your learning.

However, most of the modules and videos will be locked unless you upgrade to a Full Club Member.

Does Rank & Rent Actually Work? 

100% Absolutely.

Click here for proof!

I'm new to all this.  Can I still do it?

100% Yes!

Search Engine Optimization is a highly profitable and very employable skill set to acquire and we teach you the core fundamentals.

The Rank & Rent model is one of the easiest ways to learn SEO since we target easy to rank (but profitable) keywords, and it's all done in a no pressure, no-risk environment.

  • We teach you SEO  in a step by step process.
  • We provide the software to automate tedious processes.
  • We provide you access to a community of others who can help you.
  • We make it easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Site?

Will You Hire or Do It Yourself?

The 3 main expenses to building a website are as follows:

  • Design
    Use a free WordPress theme or hire it out for $50-$100 per page (approx $200-$400).

  • Content
    Write your own content or pay $15 - $25 per page of content (approx $50 - $100).

  • Backlinks
    Build your own vs pay $100-$200 for backlinks.

What Other Costs Might I Expect?

Very Minimal Costs.

We provide you with all the software and training that you'll need to build, rank and rent your first websites.

The only other software that you'll need is a Call Tracking solutions, of which we have a deal with a vendor for a $17/month starter, which is enough for your first 3 sites.

What Others Are Saying About Free Trial Access:


The free training is excellent and I’ve learned a lot already. I’ve been on other courses and have learnt lots before seeing your course. I thought I knew a fair bit and didn’t think I would gain any value from yours.  Boy was I wrong!


Awesome training and well organized as well as concise. You managed to explain and teach in about 30 minutes what other so called SEO guru’s never even touch and yet charge a lot of money for access to their content. Also going through and showing the process with real examples utilizing your software tools is invaluable. 


Your free training and coaching as a window into the Rank and Rent model are top-notch. I was even going to say “it’s more than worth it”, but what the heck does that even mean? It’s all been free so far other than the time spent.