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*billed every 12 months



*billed every 3 months

The Software

$2,588 /Year Software Bundle

  • KW Research

  • SEO & WP Management

  • Site Overlay

  • Client Prospecting

Keyword Supremacy ($697/Year Value)

A successful Rank & Rent property starts with a profitable & easy to rank keyword that will bring you targeted valuable traffic.  Keyword Supremacy will help you easily find the perfect golden niche keywords to build your website for within minutes of searching.  You'll also be able to find tons of additional keywords you should target on each page.

The Training

$3,991 Training Bundle

  • Full Access

  • PBN Module

  • GMB Module

  • Live Training

  • Private Groups ($1997 Value)

Learn & profit from the Rank & Rent Model of SEO in a pressure free setting!  Access all the video lessons inside including the 5 main modules; (Find, Build, Rank, Rent & Scale), The Over The Shoulder Series, & All Live Training Webinar Replays.


Does Rank & Rent Actually Work? 

100% Absolutely.

Click here for proof!

What Other Costs Might I Expect?

Very Minimal Costs.

We provide you with all the software and training that you'll need to build, rank and rent your first websites.

The only other software that you'll need is a Call Tracking solutions, of which we have a deal with a vendor for a $17/month starter, which is enough for your first 3 sites.

I Already Own Some Of Your Software, What Now? 

Great! We appreciate your support of or products.

If you want the Full Club & Software Access, and you already own some of the software, we can provide you with a coupon for the pro-rated amount of what you already purchased.

Please contact our support team to assist you in this transition.

How Long Does My Discount Offer Last?

Only for a limited amount of time!

There is a timer at the top of this page that shows you how much time you have left to take advantage of our savings.

Do You Offer Refunds? 

Yes. We offer a 7 day refund guarantee.

But we honestly prefer that you do not purchase if you don't already believe this is going to be exactly what you want based on your free trial access.

I'm new to all this.  Can I still do it?

100% Yes!  

Search Engine Optimization is a highly profitable and very employable skill set to acquire and we teach you the core fundamentals.

The Rank & Rent model is one of the easiest ways to learn SEO since we target easy to rank (but profitable) keywords, and it's all done in a no pressure, no-risk environment.

  • We teach you SEO  in a step by step process.
  • We provide the software to automate tedious processes.
  • We provide you access to a community of others who can help you.
  • We make it easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Site?

Will You Hire or Do It Yourself?

The 3 main expenses to building a website are as follows:

  • Design
    Use a free WordPress theme or hire it out for $50-$100 per page (approx $200-$400).

  • Content
    Write your own content or pay $15 - $25 per page of content (approx $50 - $100).

  • Backlinks
    Build your own vs pay $100-$200 for backlinks.

Why Does this seem so Expensive?

It's NOT!

The price to purchase just all the software alone would be $2,858 per year!

Not only are you getting a massive bundle deal on all of our best software, you are also getting extremely valuable training with it. We used to sell the training alone for $1600 per year.

It's now included.

I can't Buy Right now.  Can You Save my price? 

Sorry but no. 

There are no lay-away plans offered. Sorry.

What Happens If I Cancel? 

If you cancel after the 7 day refund period, you will have access to whatever you purchased for the remainder of the time you purchased for.

After the time is up, you will lose access to the software and/or the locked areas of

If you'd like to keep any of the software, you simply need to purchase it on it's own

What Others Are Saying About Full Club Access:


The training is great! I am not super technical, but can follow along just fine. If I look back at what I knew a month ago vs now, it's crazy!

The video's being short are helpful - I can jump back and forth easily and not spend hours on end doing just this. Excited to draw a little side income while learning something new!


Joining this community and course is a no brainer!

Everything you could ever imagine needing regarding having a sustainable online business full of assets that produce cash flow for you and allows you to build on top of it, its all found in the full members Rank and Rent club is a total career changer alone for anyone, but then you add the priceless training, coaching and guidance of Herc guiding you every step of the way PLUS THE INSANELY POWERFUL SOFTWARE that’s included which I could spend another half hour on the value of those tools.

Like I said, I can’t thank R&R club enough for all it’s been able to do for me and countless others. If you really are considering doing this full time, there is no better option out there on the market for this.


When I signed up I had ZERO knowledge about anything SEO related, I was completely new.

Within a few months I had more than one property sitting on the first page of Google generating over 50 calls a month in a profitable niche! I didn’t have any help outside of Herc's training & the software that’s included in Rank and Rent Full Club.